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Have a property ready to be rented out in Bangkok or Thailand, but unsure where to start looking for home furnishing services for your house? Are you trying to DIY (do-it-yourself) your own home décor, only to find out that there are a lot of factors and elements that you would need to take into account when it comes to home furnishing? From having accurate measurements of every crook and cranny of your house, to the colour, design and material of your furniture, every single step is tedious and time consuming.

We are confident to say that we have the ability to make your dream home come true. We take all the heavy duty work in decorating your house from the ceiling, the walls all the way to the decorative items and ornaments. We pride in delivering a home that is ready for moving in to our customers.

What we do: 

1. Take Measurements
2. Customize Furniture
3. Provide Expert Guidance
4. Select Furniture
5. Handle Installation & Delivery
6. Decorate and Prepare for Moving in. 

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