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Buyers From Abroad Leading Thailand Condo Market Turnaround

March 23, 2017

Thailand’s condo market has begun to recover and an increase in foreign demand is helping lead the turnaround, shows new research from Plus Property. Having witnessed the market shift first hand, more Thai developers are changing their tactics and holding road shows abroad to tap into this demand.

Foreign buyers are attracted to Thailand because of low prices, good rates of return when compared to neighbouring countries, the central location within ASEAN, and quality after-sale services.

“Amidst the economic uncertainties and the high household debt level during the past few years, developers have shifted their focus more toward the mid- and high-income segments. Developers have also expanded into foreign markets to attract purchases by foreigners and foreign investors, both of which currently pay significant interest in properties in Thailand because of its geographical advantages,” says Anukul Ratpitaksanti, Managing Director of Plus Property.
Credit: DDproperty

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