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10 Practical Tips for Arranging your Living Room Furniture

September 3, 2021
Bangkok is known for its cheap furniture but good quality. It comes as a surprise to many people that Bangkok has a flourishing furniture market, and it exports furniture to all corners of the world. Tourists come down to Bangkok not only for fun instead they also to take one or the other piece of furniture with them. Many stores provide cheap furniture in Bangkok and also provide transport services for their customers.

But just buying cheap furniture from Bangkok is not enough, the way of keeping it also matters a lot. It is said that the place and the style of placing any furniture change its whole appearance, and it may make cheap furniture look super expensive and also vice versa.

Here are 10 practical tips to arrange the living room furniture stylishly and smartly, and add beauty to the house:

  1. Choose a focal point and arrange the furniture around it. The focal point could be anything from a window to a fireplace; even if there are none of these, the television can be set as a focal point.
  2. Always leave some breathing space between the furniture and the walls, this has two advantages. First is that the walls are safe from furniture marks, and also this gives a bigger look to the room.
  3. When it comes to arranging sofas and chairs, always keep them close to each other so that conversation is not hindered due to distance within the room.
  4. Never group one type of furniture all at one place in the room, always arrange the furniture depending upon the complementary effect they have. Like a straight sofa could go with a round coffee table.
  5. Always make sure that there is a clear path for people to walk between the furniture without tripping.
  6. The rug used should be of the right size as per the room and the furniture placement.
  7. Include lamps also in the living room, use options like side lamps and head over lamps.
  8. If one is going with any artwork, it should not be too large for an overcrowded room.
  9. Side tables should be at arm’s length.
  10. Last but not least the individual should have a floor plan ready in advance before putting all this together.

Buy good-quality cheap furniture in Bangkok and give your home a new look!

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